25/8/10 Down by the stream.

Well, my summer holidays away from school certainly changed with a difference. Remembering back of all those somewhat boring weeks away with my parents, being marched along sea fronts and amusement arcades with little thought for my own needs or interests. The only excitement being sent to collect fresh coin change from a kiosk at the far end of an arcade [wow].  Mark’s house became a daily visit, always hoping he would answer the front door again naked and ask me to  follow him upstairs. But for a few days, nothing like this happened, yes he seemed “ok” with me and we were friendly and laughed and played together, but normal stuff, either watching tv, playing ball in the garden or out on our push bikes, visiting the local stream.

  It was one sunny mid morning when we were down at the stream that a group of older lads appeared. Id already taken my trainers and socks off and had been happily plodding about in the stream searching for stickleback’s. “hey, look who’s here” said one of the older lads. Id seen his face around the area before a few times, but he’d already left school, so didn’t know his name. “Its that lad who sucks dick’s and this must be his bumchum”. All, the lads chuckled with amusement. I suddenly became aware of my predicament, the water seemed to grow colder flowing past my ankles, almost bringing on a shiver. “Here my dick need sucking” he said as he neared the waters edge, unfortunately it was a narrow stream so he could easily reach over and grab me by the shoulder. He pulled me to the shore but due to the height of the bank, my face was nearly the same height as the bulge in his jeans. He pulled me to him, placing both his hands behind my head and he began to  press his cock bulge against my mouth. In a flash he reached round and undid his button waist, slipped down the zipper and lifted his cock over the waist of his bright blue briefs. His stiffening cock looked menacing with its deep red tip already pushing past the foreskin as his fingers wrapped round its girth and lowered its length down to aim towards my mouth. “open wide” he muttered deeply and pushed it towards my face. What could I do? Try and run, but with no shoes on and the bank so steep and slippy, plus they were holding my best mate in an arm lock and forcing him to watch. So I let this cock enter my mouth, feeling its hot flesh rub against my tongue. He seemed to shudder with excitement as his cock was engulfed by my lips, I tasted a slight sweet sticky blob from his cock head as he began to precum with excitement.

  He started to quicked his hip thrusts as his excitement grew and grew, my cheeks ached and I breathed heavily through my nose and as my breath blew across the top of his cock, he orgasmed. His legs shuddered and he pulled his meaty cock from my mouth, managed to grasp his spit slicked cock in one hand as he aimed his creamy load over my mouth and face. He stepped back and hurridly pushed his still firm cock back in his briefs and buttoned his jeans. I turned and looked at the other lads in the group. Nearly all their cocks were hard and bulging hard through their shorts and jeans. I waited as I expected another to approach me, but the oldest lad simply barked “Come on lads, lets go get some chips” and they all disappeared as quickly as the appeared. Mark came over to me to check if I was ok. He looked me up and down, noticed the damp patch on the front of my shorts where my own cock had been showing its excitement. Mark took my hand and led me further down the stream, to where the trees came down and almost touched the water, so almost hidden from view, he looked around, then listened then he cupped a hand over my bulge and rubbed slowly and precisely. My cock started to erect again and he pushed my shorts and pants down to my thighs, took hold of my cock then knelt down on the muddy bank and took me in his mouth, seconds later I spurted my load into his warm tunnel, his tongue and lips were more than I needed to finish me off. He swallowed my spunk load eagerly and sat back on his haunches. He looked at me, then I stepped out of the water, he wiped his lips and I returned to where my trainers were and put them back on. We left the stream and went back to his house, hardly saying a word all the way back. But I knew he wouldn’t say anything to anyone, not unless I did.







Weekend away.


Some years ago, I asked a couple of friends if they fancied a weekend away at the beach with me. We were going to go “ad hoc” and due to the hot sunny weather, were agreed we would just put our sleeping bags in the car and once we arrived, just simply find somewhere “quiet” and kip down for the night, once we felt the need for sleep that is.

So off we went in my car, having a laugh and a joke en route, all of us were wearing jeans and tee shirts, n trainers, till we arrived on the sea front that is.  We stepped out of the car and all stretched out, one thing about small cars is you need to stretch out once you arrive at your destination, just to put all your bones and muscles back in the right places. The sun was glaring down and it was still only mid morning, but decided to go straight for the beach.  Now all of us had brought along some shorts and towel and a few other odd bits needed for a short stopover so to speak. Lee glanced round and suggested that we might as well get changed right behind the car, so off came his tee shirt, followed by Dave’s and of course, mine. Their chests were smooth and both had cute small nipples which soon erected at the summer sea air hit them. Lee bent over and kicked off his trainers and took off his white socks, baring his feet to the tarmac. Dave followed suit and then placed his footwear in the boot of the car. Lee glanced round again and said “any girls about” then promptly undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them sharply and stood up, just wearing a pair of skinny white cotton briefs, his cock bulge pouching the front material quite nicely, as well as his dark coloured pubic hair, showing as a shadow above his bulge. Dave was next to drop his jeans, in similar fashion, he too was wearing white briefs, but his had a blue and red pin strip band around the waistline band. His cock bulge was a bit bigger that’s Lee’s, but both looked so tempting to the touch. I could feel my own body’s urges rushing though my bloodstream, but I had to contain myself or the moment I dropped my jeans, the game would be up and my cover blown away in a heartbeat. Fortunately Lee grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist before pushing his skimpy pants down to the floor, stepping out of them and pulling up his blue cotton shorts, Dave did the same and pulled on a pair of bright red cotton shorts. I made a quick break and swapped in to my own dark blue shorts, all of us placing our clothes in the boot of my car for replacing later.

So we all raced off on to the beach, chasing each other in to the hot salty water as we splashed about and generally having a good time. Then we came out of the water and walked back to a dryer part of the beach to lie down and dry off. It wasn’t till I happened to  sit up to take stock of things that I noticed that I could see right up the leg of Lee’s shorts and his cock and one of his balls were hanging down and just about viewable to me. He was laying on his back, so could not see me looking, but after a while, I looked over at Dave and he was looking right at me. I looked away quickly, but only then realised that my cock had gone hard in my thin cotton shorts, whilst I had been looking at lee, flashing his cock and balls at me. I got to my quickly and asked “anyone fancy a drink?” they both looked up and said yes, so I walked back to the car to grab some cans. I stepped off the footpath on to the tarmac and almost screamed as the road surface was so hot and almost sticky in the heat, so I tip toed over to my car and opened the boot. I reached in to grab some cans out of the cool box, but tipped over Lee’s clothes pile in the process, his jeans and tee shirt fell over and his briefs stared right back at me. I looked at them and the image of him just standing there behind my car came clearly back to me. Would they smell of him I thought, I needed to know, so I leaned in to the car boot and lifted his skimpy white cotton pants to my face and breathed in through the soft fabric. His slightly musky scent came back at me, as I knew it would. He smelt of washing powder, fresh soap and of course, that cute scent you get from underneath your own balls. My hard cock again brought me to my senses, as it snagged at the top waist of my shorts. I put his clothes back and grabbed the cans id come for and wandered back. Both of them had rolled over and were laying face down, tanning their backs, but showing a nice pair of cute bums too I might add.

So as the sun began to drift across the sky, we all began to feel hungry, so we went back to the car, to get changed, so again, my chance to see some flesh appeared, as their towels were wrapped around their waists and they dropped their shorts, then reached in to the car boot for their briefs and jeans. We then drove off and found a nice pub that did meals and sat outside in the evening heat of the sun and ate heartedly.

Soon it became dark and the chill of the night went through our bones, we made use of their toilets before driving off and then began a search for a quiet spot to get some sleep.  We searched a few likely places before dropping lucky on an empty space between two large empty sited caravans. I reversed the car in and as the lads got out, I dropped down all the seats to make room for us all to sleep in, inside our sleeping bags of course. Lee decided he was too hot in the car and took his sleeping bag and laid it out under the side of one of the big caravans. I lay mine out on the driver’s die of the car, with my “head by the steering wheel. Dave slipped in and took position the opposite way round “top n tailing “ we call it [ha ha]. Anyway, after about half an hour, I was just drifting off to sleep when I became aware of movement from Dave. He had slipped his leg out of his sleeping bag and his foot was making its way towards my face, still wearing its white sock which he had been wearing for half the day I should add. Anyway, his foot touched my chin. I wondered if I should touch it or not, but I thought about it then, gently took hold and brought it directly to my lips. I sniffed his foot, but of course, hardly any smell from it. Dave didn’t move or struggle, so I began to remove his sock, then lightly kissed his big toe, again no reaction from Dave. So I kissed all his toes in succession, and then ran my tongue down to his heel and back. Again no movement or disapproval from Dave. My cock swelled inside my pants and demanded release. I opened the button at my waist and unzipped my jeans and was about to reach in and pull my cock out as Dave finally spoke. “Here come and play with this if you want” he said in a gently lowered voice. I heard the zipper on his own jeans as he pulled it down. I quietly unzipped my sleeping bag and put down his bare foot and then climbed out of my sleeping bag, turned as quietly as I could and crawled up to be level with Dave’s waist. His jeans were wide open; his white cotton pants were straining to keep his rock solid cock shaft hidden. I gently rubbed my hand on his bulge and felt a damp patch were his cock had oozed some juice out. “Suck me” he said “and I’ll not tell Lee you were looking at his cock earlier” he added. I paused for a minute, but the offer of his cock was too much, so I eased his pants and jeans down to his knees and took his hot stiff cock in my eager mouth and began to slowly suck him off. Soon Dave was groaning with pleasure in a deep low moan, I had pulled my own cock out and was wanking it in unison with my mouth plunges down on to Dave’s cock shaft, working a nice rhythm as I did. Soon Dave pushed a hand on the back of my head “I gonna cum” he stuttered out and I felt the hot creamy splurge pulse as his orgasm took him. He pumped his spunk in to my eager mouth and filled it till his creamy cum load dribbled out of one side. I lay back, my task fulfilled; Dave also lay back, exhausted from his efforts. I took my own cock in my  hand and began to wank furiously, then opened my eyes to see Lee standing at the side window of my car, his hand wanking his own cock furiously and he shot his spunk load over my car side window. I pulled my tee shirt up and my load followed, shooting high up my body, some of it hitting my own chin. I looked up again and Lee was no where in sight. He had gone back to his sleeping bag under the caravan. I looked over at Dave, but he too had turned over and drifted off to sleep, the effects of the summer sun, hot beach and the alcohol at the pub, all topping off the night to bring a sudden closure. I wiped my spunk off with Dave’s sock, ha ha I thought, try putting that in the morning………..





One summer holiday I cycled round to my freinds house about half a mile away. When I pulled up on his drive the garage door was open and so was the door in to the rear garden and as I got closer, the door in to the house too.

I got off my bike and leaned it against the garage wall; I peered in to the kitchen and gave my mate a shout. No reply I thought, wonder where he is, I looked round the garage and his bike was not in its usual place. Perhaps he just popped out on his bike somewhere I thought. I was just about to leave but as I turned round, my eyes looked down the back garden. I blinked my eyes in disbelief, Ok I’d found my school class mate but what was he doing almost at the bottom of the garden, peering up at the next doors house and why wasn’t he wearing any clothes I thought.

  My mind began to race, should I leave as quietly as possible, so he didn’t get to know what I’d seen or do I make a noise, to alert him that someone was “here” and he ought to do something about his nudity. I decided on the latter, grabbed my bike and made it collide with the old steel dustbin; the lid was not on fully, so it dropped to the concrete floor with a very loud clatter. I took my time in picking it up, and then walked slowly in to the kitchen. There in front of me was a high stool, in front of the breakfast bar and on it was a pair of purple cotton briefs [Mike’s], I recognised them as his as when changing for PE lessons, you get to know what your mates wear don’t you.

 I made my way in to the lounge, still no sign of him I thought, then all of a sudden he appeared in the kitchen doorway, he’d grabbed his briefs but had not as yet, put them back on so he stood right in front of me totally starker’s. His chest was lifting rapidly as he was breathing quite quickly. “|Sorry”! He exclaimed, “Was doing a bit of sunbathing” he offered as an excuse for his attire. I said nothing, well I couldn’t, and my eyes were transfixed on his body, especially as his cock was starting to stiffen as he knew I was looking at him. Within seconds he was fully hard and his cock pointing up at the ceiling. He looked down at his cock, stroked it with his fingers of one hand, and then slowly looked up at me. My face felt like it had the worst case of sunburn imaginable, I felt red hot and way too embarrassed to say a word. I looked down at the carpet, hoping this would cure my silence but all I saw was a pair of naked feet right in front of mine. I looked up sharply, right in to his brown eyes. “It’s quite warm out there” he said “think im going out again, wanna join me”.

 My hand felt like they were made of lead, along with every other part of my body too, but being as I hadn’t moved at all, suddenly another pair of hand began to lift my tee shirt up over my chest and head. The hands went to my waist undid the button and zipper of my cut off jeans and eased them to the floor, his free hand now helping me to lift each leg out of them. My mate stepped back and looked me up and down again then a hand reached forward and cupped at my bulge in my pants. “You wont need these on out there, I’m not putting mine on” as he lowered my undies to the floor and again helped me to step out of them. My mate then turned and walked out of the room, out in to the garage. I then heard the garage door being closed as I took my trainers and socks off and followed him out. “That’s better he said” giving me a smirk bigger that a Cheshire cats grin. He led me out in to the garden where there was a large blanket on the grass, a bottle of sun tan lotion lay on its side by one corner. He picked up the bottle as he knelt down “do my back for me please” he said as he handed me the bottle and lay flat, face down on the blanket. I knelt down alongside him and squeezed the bottles contents on to my palm. I then began to lightly massage the lotion on to his shoulders, then his back, then his legs, finishing off at his feet. “Hey, you forgot a bit” he said, pointing a finger at his bum. My heart raced as I touched his bum flesh, this was the first time id touched another lad “there” so to speak. It felt good but weird at the same time. One side of my mind was saying I shouldn’t be doing this, the other side was saying go on, you know you want to. Suddenly things were made even easier as he lifted his legs and spread them wider, showing me his bum crack and cute little hole too. My curiosity got the better of me and my fingers rubbed the lotion up to and around it. “All done” I said lying down alongside him, me being face down too as I’d started to get some tingling sensations in my own cock department and didn’t want to give the game away that it was turning me on by touching him.  Next thing I know is my mates picked up the lotion and had swung one of his legs over my legs and was now straddling my lower body. He leaned forward and began to massage the stuff in to my shoulders, that’s when I became aware of his cock. It was level with my bum cheeks and he was gently rubbing it up and down my bum crack as he massaged away with his hands. Soon his stiffness had returned and his cock pressed in to my flesh, but then, nothing, he moved lower down my body, but only so he could massage the cream in to my bum cheeks too. I felt his fingers as they caressed around my bum cheeks, it felt good, almost as good as when I did the same for him, then I felt  a finger press against my bum hole, then a little firmer pressure. “Relax” he said in a low voice “its ok I wont hurt you” he added. Just then a searing pain as his finger slipped inside me. I motioned to get up, but he held me down, “wait, relax” he said again, but soon the pain went away and he began to work his finger in and out of my ass, gently adding more lotion to the process with his other hand. He seemed to sense when all was ok and he removed his finger, I felt him move position and then felt his body weight as he lowered himself on top of me. His body on top of my body, his legs on top of my legs, his cock, well his cock was rubbing its way between my slippery bum cheeks and then with a slight lift of his own body, his cock surged in to my bum hole. I went to let out a loud moan, but he moved a hand round over my lips, he held me quiet as his cock started to slip in and out of my body, quickening its pace as his climax heightened, till I could hear his balls slapping against my cheeks, then he gave one last thrust, my insides seem to fill to capacity then I felt his cock throb and pulse as he shot his cum load deep in to me.

We lay there, bonded as one body for what seemed ages, till his cock stiffness subsided anyway and he slipped off my body and lay alongside me. He eased a hand under me and felt for my cock. I felt his hand touch me and all the stickiness I’d produced as he’d fucked me. His fingers encircled my cock and began to wank me. I turned over to make it easier for him and he began to wank me quicker and I could sense my own orgasm approaching. Suddenly he let go of my cock, straddled me and pointed my cock at his ass and he plunged his bum down on to my cock. I exploded immediately, all the sensations and excitement was too much for me to cope with in one session, but at least found that it also felt good to feel my cock inside another boy.




PE lessons usually put the fear of god up most of my school mates, but the thought of the changing rooms and the showers afterwards used to give me sufficient encouragement to keep going through all the running, jumping, being kicked several times on the shins and lastly tripped over in to a muddy pool!

  I used to choose a place on one of the long benches that surrounded each wall of the changing room, so I had a good overall view around me, as some of the lads were definitely “not shy” about showing themselves whilst getting changed, either out of their school kit, or back in to it after the lesson. Some lads would even wander about chatting to their “better mates” just in their briefs, flaunting their sexy bods, cock bulges and cute pert bums at anyone interested enough to look ion their direction.


One day the previous class was a little late in leaving the room, so as we walked in, we had to pick a space where we could. I squeezed in halfway along one bench and as I sat down to remove my shoes I became aware of someone standing right alongside me. I turned my head slightly and looked straight in to the open crotch of a lads trousers, the bulge of his cock and balls bulged out of the bright red cotton enough to really give me an eyeful! The lad was buttoning up his shirt before tucking the shirt tails in to his trousers, so this accounted for the little show he was putting on for my delight, Im just glad he wasn’t wearing black coloured pants otherwise id of not seen much at all.

I must remember to look out for him again, see if I can catch him still in the shower, but getting away that early from the previous lesson might be difficult, but I’ll think on that.

   Gary, was one of these “brave lads” who used to show off in front of all of us, wandering about in just his skimpy underwear, yellow cotton briefs most of the time [must have been his favorites]. Almost as soon as he got in the changing room he’d strip down to just his briefs and spend the next 5 minutes wandering around, chatting and taking his time unbuttoning his white shirt buttons, finally hanging it on the clothes peg above the bench seat and swapping his briefs for a pair of speedos to wear under our crappy bright blue cotton shorts we all had to wear. Some lads used to try and get away with keeping their undies on, under their shorts, but our PE teacher caught on to this and once, made us all line up and drop our shorts, “to expose who kept their undies on” was his idea, but I now think he had other thoughts behind this scheme and no doubts the authorities would be locking him up if he were ever caught doing this these days! One thing that strangely attracted me towards Gary was not just the fact he could be predicted to simply wander about semi naked in front of me [and the other lads] but his undies used to really show off both his cock n ball bulge, so you coule really tell what side he dressed, but you could also see the dark pubic bush outline which we were all forming in one shape or another, but he also used to show a thin wet “sweat line” between the cheeks of his ass, soaked in to the thin material covering his cute bum. I cannot explain then, “why” I found this so attractive, but now, Id of simply pulled his pants down and licked his ass for hours!


19/4/10: threesome time !


I still continued to see Mike on occasion, both as a classmate and also as

A wanking partner when he either popped round to my house or he seemed to bump in to me when I was entering the school toilets [strange coincidence that]. It was one

Lunchtime, round at my place as we were getting dressed again after our mutual cock Wanking that I asked Mike if he and Tim had done anything together. Mike said that

 He had touched Tim’s cock and held it till Tim went hard but had not gone any

Further, as neither could go back to their own homes as there was always someone in.

 I suppose I was luckier as there were quite a few times both during the day and at

Weekends when I was the only occupant so to speak, these times became almost

Regular as clockwork so I could plan meetings with certainty of not being caught with

My or a friends pants down.

 I suggested to Mike that if he wanted to ask Tim round to my place, he could, but on

the proviso that I could join in too. But to put Tim at ease with things it might be

better if me and Mike started things rolling by playing with each other and then see if

Tim wanted to join in with us. So the scene was set, our planning agreed all we

needed now was Tim to agree. This I left to Mike, after all he knew him better than

me and I didn’t want to frighten him off as after seeing is body and cock in the PE

showers I knew I wanted to feel his bits in my hands if nothing else happened.

A couple of weeks later Mike came up to me in the playground and asked if it was ok

to call round my house that lunchtime, to which I said yes. Mike must have read my

mind as he then added that Tim would be coming with him. I could hardly wait those

          2 long hours really dragged, my balls ached and begged for relief.

I hurried home and grabbed the dirty washing that was on my bedroom floor and

threw it in the wash basket as the doorbell rang; I hurried down the stairs and opened

the door. Mike and Tim stood there, Mike with a beaming face, Tim looked a bit

reddened and nervous. I asked them in and then closed the door behind them, we went

in to the lounge and told them to “make yourselves at home” spiel, merely to put them

at ease.  I had already taken my blazer off as I cam home, something I always did

regardless. Mike then took his off and stepped closer to me His hand coming to rest

against my groin bulge in my black trousers. “HHmm, you’re hard already” he said as

his palm rubbed up and down against my cock and balls. “Ive been hard since you

told me at playtime you were calling” I replied and placed my hand on the front of

Mikes trousers, feeling his cock and how it almost instantly began to stiffen too. I

glanced across to Tim, he seemed to be watching us, but stayed sitting where he was

for now so I stepped sideways a little so he could watch us both. Mike then tugged my

zipper down and reached inside and felt the front of my pants, I did the same with

Mike’s trousers and we both got really aroused. I felt for the waistband of Mikes

underwear and slipped my fingers over the top, feeling his small pubic bush and then

the heat from his cock as with the free space created by my fingers, his cock shifted

upwards and in to my fingers. I circled it with my fingers and eased his shaft out in to

the open and over his undies. Mike groaned as my fingers slipped down his shaft



then and back up again, I wanted to just kneel down and suck that cock but didn’t

want to let things go too far or too fast in front of Tim so I asked Tim if he wanted to

feel Mikes cock. Tim hesitated, said nothing but stood up and walked over to where

me and Mike stood, he reached for Mikes cock and began to slowly wank him. Mike

then reached inside my pants and swung my cock out and began to replicate Tim’s

wanking movements like for like with mine. I then took the plunge and rubbed my

hand over the front of Tim’s trousers, there was no disappointment there, and he was

solid and a broom handle so I pulled his zipper down and rubbed my hand over his

briefs feeling a small patch of dampness where his cock had oozed a little juice. I

reached in and pulled his cock over the waistband and began to slowly wank his shaft,

my cock was aching for release but I wanted more so I moved position and then knelt

down on the carpet with Tim and Mike standing either side of my face watching them

now wank each other. Then I took hold of Mikes cock and slipped my lips over his

cock head and then took all of it in my mouth and sucked him then did the same for

Tim but Tim had never been sucked before and almost as the heat from my mouth and

tongue hit his cock, he exploded and pumped his load in to my mouth, grunting loudly

as he did. I swallowed eagerly as Mike began to wank his cock furiously, I turned my

face and opened my mouth to take his cock in but Mike was too far gone and all I got

was a splattering of spunk over my face and shirt as he too climaxed. The to my

astonishment Tim knelt down and took hold of my cock in his hand and wanked me,

bringing me to climax till I spunked in his palm, my spunk almost dripped out

between his fingers but he gripped them together, letting my emptied cock go and

lifting his palm towards his face to look at it. He grinned and then reached in his

pocket for his hankie and wiped his hand clean. My first threesome as you’d call it now but back then it just meant more fun than normal!








Following on from my first experience with Mark, I kept looking around for; er opportunities for a bit more fun with some of my other class mates. About a month later, teacher had asked me to go to the store room at the back of the class and get some books to hand out for us all to rear from. As I reached the last row of desks at the back of the class room I happened to catch a bit of a conversation going on between two lads, Michael and Tim. “If I let you touch me, can I touch yours” mike said to Tim. Tim leaned back in his chair and then Mike’s hand reached over and cupped at the bulge in Tim’s school trousers, then I saw Tim’s hand reach over and do the same with Mikes bulge.  I dare not stand there any longer and risk being caught, so I went to the storeroom and fetched one pile of books to hand out. I made sure that I made Mike and Tim’s desks the first I handed to. I dropped a book on each desk top and glanced down, both were well occupied in their groping to notice me at first, but two reddened embarrassed faces soon shone up at me as I walked to another row.

  The lesson came to completion and again I was asked to collect all the books up, just as the school bell began to rung out. Some of the class got up from their seats and began to walk out; I carried on collecting the books and taking them to the storeroom. Just as I had put a pile of books down I turned to return and there was Mike, standing almost right behind me in the confined space. “We weren’t doing anything, honest” he spluttered out, he was shaking as he said it with fear that I may say something to someone else. “It’s ok” I said “At least you hadn’t got your dick out “.  Now Mike seemed really confused as his look changed, “let’s get out of here and get to next lesson” I said to him, brushing past him as I left the storeroom. Mike followed me and  as we walked to the next class I explained to him how I have played with my cock, under the desk whilst in class, he seemed keen to know exactly what I did so suggested he sat by me and I’d show him. So next class was another of those boring ones where the teacher does 99% of the work, either writing on the chalk board or talking generally to the whole class. So, I reached down to my trousers and slid my zipper down Mike began to look and then his hand reached over and slipped inside my open fly, I felt his fingers as they explored the bulge in my pants. Soon his fingers had found my cock shaft and they began to feel and hold it. “Fetch it out if you want” I said quietly. Mike seemed very nervous about doing this so I reached down, he removed his hand and I tugged my cock out of his hideaway. Mikes hand returned and he rolled his fingers around my now semi stiffened cock shaft. “Steady on” I said “Or you’ll make me cum”, Mike got embarrassed at that thought and his hand retracted so I gave myself a little wank to show him how much more my cock can grow before I put it away, after a bit of a struggle. Well its not very often you have to put your cock away in a stiff condition, usually he goes away after someone’s made him spew his load out so bit of a weird experience to do so on my part.

   The lesson ended and we left the classroom, it was lunchtime so as Mike went to walk past me I asked him if he wanted to go to my house for  lunch, he agreed so we walked the short distance back to my house. Once inside I turned to mike and placed his hand on my trouser bulge then placed my hand on his cock bulge too and began to rub my palm over his cock bulge. “Do you want to feel my cock again” I asked, the house was empty apart from the two of us so no chance of being caught by anyone. Mike said nothing but kept fondling my growing cock. I pulled down his fly zipper and slipped my fingers inside, feeling his cock through his tight pants he had on. He was already excited and had grown to sit sideways across his groin. I tried to reach over the waistband but his undies were too tight to do so. I reached across with my other hand and unfastened the waistband of his black school trousers, letting them drop to his ankles; his white shirt covered the embarrassment in his pants. I then opened my trousers and let them drop too, giving Mike room to play further with my cock. I took his fingers and placed them at the waist of my pants and pushed them past the elastic top band, his fingers slipped down inside and found my solid cock shaft. His fingers wrapped around its circumference and held me. I reached over for his, but his undies were too tight to slip my fingers in. Mike slipped his hand out of my pants and dropped his own undies down halfway to his knees. I reached over and took hold of his cock shaft and then slowly started to wank him as I did mine. His shaft started to swell with excitement and mike reciprocated by wanking my cock in unison to my movements with his. My excitement was beginning to reach climax but I didn’t want to shoot my load just yet and Mikes cock looked so tempting, I wanted to taste it so I let go of his cock and dropped to my knees, Mike had to let go of mine but soon got the idea of what this was about the moment my open mouth enveloped his swollen glans.

His cock head tasted different but not unpleasant, there was a slight taste of urine but something else was there too, a slight sweet yet salty taste, something I’ll always remember, “Pre cum”. I slid my lips down his shaft and took as much of his length in my mouth as I could without hitting the back of my throat. It felt good and Mike was far from complaining, he was making low moaning noise in the back of his throat as he held up his shirt a little so he could watch me at work on him.

I seemed to suck Mike’s cock for ages but in practical terms it was merely minutes, my mouth bobbed up and down at a quicker pace, still simulating a hand wank and then…. Whoosh! Something hot and lumpy yet really salty hit the roof and back of my mouth. Mike had shot his spunk load and he grunted loudly as he pumped it all out inside my eager mouth. I swallowed slowly, running my tongue through this lumpy creamy stuff in my mouth, tasting all of it and wanting more, this was really fun and tasty too. Mikes cock began to shrink and popped out of my mouth, I sat back on my thighs, still with a semi hard on myself. Mike knelt down in front of me and took hold of my cock and began to wank me, his hand picked up speed till the friction became too much and my cock pumped its load out over Mikes thigh. I passed him my hankie out of my pocket to clean up with, we got dressed I made him a sandwich we chatted about school things, never mentioning what we had just been up to at all then we both walked back to school for the afternoon lessons.






My first experience of actually playing with another lads toes happened some years ago. A friend of mine had agreed to go away for the weekend with me to the coast, we hadn’t got much money between us so had just thrown our sleeping bags in the boot of the car and were going to sleep in the car overnight. So after arriving at the beach we got changed at the back of my car in to our shorts, this being my first full glimpse of Dave’s body as he stripped off, pausing as he reached his white cotton briefs to check if any girls were about before dropping them to the tarmac and swapping for his shorts. He had a nice smooth build with just a moderate coating of fair hair on his legs and between his legs around his cock and balls. I daren’t look too long at him or he’d notice me doing so, either that or I’d get a raging boner and would not be able to hide it in my white shorts.

Our  day on the beach went great, we splashed about in the surf together, then lazed on the warm sand to dry off. Later on we went to a café and had something to eat and drink, then went to the fun fair to while away the hours till we were ready for sleep.


So, we eventually got back to the car, we got in and I moved it to a more quieter spot, away from the main road and away from anyone else, so we should be able to get some sleep, then whilst Dave lowered the car seats down so we had somewhere to lay down, I collected the sleeping bags from the boot.  I handed Dave his and he placed his so his head was on the back seat, not wanting to get too close to him, I put mine the opposite way round, so basically we were sleeping head to toe so to speak. I climbed in and closed the door, by now it was getting dark outside as we removed out tee shirts and trainers. I slipped my jeans off and then my white socks. Dave removed his jeans too, flashing his skimpy white pants at me again, showing his pubic bulge again. I slipped in to my sleeping bag and Dave got in to his.

I cant say exactly how long it was ,but I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt some movement in the car, I thought Dave was simply turning over, but I felt something sliding down the side of my sleeping bag. It was Dave’s leg and when he stopped his right foot, complete with sock was level with my face. He moved his foot so it pressed gently against my face. “sniff those” he said in a lowered voice. Without hesitation I inhaled and took the mild odour of his day worn sock in to my lungs. He wasn’t really old enough for his feet to be too smelly, plus his feet had had a good wash earlier anyway, so smelt more of the ocean if anything. I unzipped my sleeping bag a little and cupped the back of his foot in my hand to press harder against my face. Dave didn’t seem to mind this, so I kissed his toes, first the big toe, then all the others in turn. My cock sprang to attention at this and strained against my undies. I then gently tugged at his sock and pulled it off, then pressed my lips back against his now naked foot. He tasted “nice” and I began to both kiss and lick his toes and foot. I could feel my cock beginning to pre cum and ooze in to the cotton covering. Dave then spoke again “here, come up and suck on this if you want” as he lowered the zipper on his sleeping bag. I let go of his foot and changed my position, at the same time Dave had lowered the waist of his undies and released his hardened cock shaft. Needless to say I got to suck on that for a while, well until he came in my mouth anyway.


But still remember his toes too, my first taste of another lads toes and feet and definitely not my last……..






Just for the feet fans amongst us, heres a snippet sent in by a follower of this site:

HI Gregg, Thanks for the great foot pics and trip down memory lane. There have been a few guys whose feet have turned me on and let’s just say that I am not a stranger when it comes to sucking a cute guys toes or licking his feet.
"My very first experience with another guys feet happened when I was 15 and my 13 year old friend Louie kept sticking his then socked foot in my face and telling me to suck his toes, so I did because I liked him and we had just finished swimming and he had on a clean pair of socks which he ask me to take off after I let him put his toes in my mouth and our relationship changed from that point on. Let’s just say it led to him and me putting other things that can be sucked on in my mouth."

[2/3/10]This one was sent in by one of my "readers", hope you enjoy.



My first real sexual experience was when I was a teenager with my friend who was about a year older then me. He invited me to spend the night in his tree house one hot summer night. Under the covers naked, he got out the flashlight and showed me his whopper of a cock; a nice thick 7 incher! I still just had a 'weenie' 5 incher and the size of his cock shocked me. He rolled over on top of me and we ground our crotches together and he blew his load all over me! I didn't know what jizz was and I asked him what it was. I could hardly wait until I saw him again and I jerked him off regularly. Didn't get any more serious than that though. I was a slow developer and by the time I was nineteen I had a nice 7.5 incher; I think I beat him out! I was always a size queen after that. This is a true story, no bullshit.



This is the first part of my, er "initiation" to gay, or boy on boy sex, some of you may think it too unreal to be true, but to me, this is exactly what happened, nothing altered, nothing left out and all recounted from memory.

More will follow in due course and hopefully it may encourage a few more guys to reacll similar encounters from their past. Well if ti does spark a memory, please feel free to contact me via the "comments" and send in your bit too and I will willingly post it for you. feel free to change names if you so wish but I cannot be held responsible if you keep all original.




After the lesson.

Why can some lads be so brave when getting changed for PE? Standing out from the benches’, getting undressed whilst still having a rather loud conversation with at least 3 or 4 other lads, so as to keep their eyes on them, as they openly remove their school uniform. There’s me, almost in a corner, almost timidly removing my gear when im sure no one is looking in my direction, strange ain’t it?

  We used to have  a few lads like this, always the first to strip off to either their skimpy briefs or worse still, nothing and just stand there chatting idly away whilst dangling a blue footy sock from one hand, in a half hearted attempt to make it look like they’re getting changed.

 But why was it once the lesson was over and you were all back in the changing room and forced in to having a shower, didn’t the “nudity factor” ever bother me? But seeing all those lads totally naked was sights I still remember, to laughter and giggles, especially when one or two of them got a slight “stiffy” on, taking hold of their cute cocks and jiggling them up and down, or pushing it towards a lads bum, as he’d turned to grab the soap from the little soap holders on the wall.

  One rather cold wet day we had come back in from a game of rugby, so our legs were well splattered with sticky mud, so the nice hot showers were a welcome relief. One of the “sporty lads” was a bit more extrovert than usual and was cupping his hands under the shower head and then throwing handfuls of water about. Some lads were returning the idea and he was getting well splashed. I decided to take revenge and threw a handful at him, this caught him unawares and landed right in his face, especially as I was standing  almost right across from him, so a mere 6 feet away. He coughed and spluttered and then shouted across “ right grab him” pointing a finger as he did, the 2 lads standing either side of him grabbed my arms, but due to the wet slippy floor, we three, almost lost our balance in the tussle and I fell to my knees, thumping my knees hard against the tiled floor. The lad across the floor from me, then turned round with a handful of water, to get his own back, but not realising how close I now was, made a step towards me as he turned. His soft cock pressed against my face as he then realised how close and in what position I was, kneeling on the floor, my arms held tightly by his assailants. He paused for a few seconds, his cock still pressed against my lips; he then slowly twisted his hips, first one way and then the other making his cock rub the full length of my lips. The heat from his body surged through his cock muscle and it started to stiffen. I went to open my mouth a little to take a deep breath and without realising, his cock head slipped in. I almost gagged at this but the lad didn’t force his way, he simply stood there as his manhood pumped itself to full hardness.

  The showers lost its playful banter as the scene took everyone’s interest, a pair of hands pressed against the back of my head as the cock was slowly pulled from my lips, almost all the way, but once the swollen glans touched my lips, he paused and then pushed himself back in to the cosy warmth of my mouth, rubbing his cock length along the top of my tongue. Slowly he quickened the pace his cock and hands guiding his orgasm to a climax and I felt his cock pulse and my mouth filled with a hot salty gooey cum load. My first taste of boy spunk and from one of the lads I used to go home and wank over after school. As I sat back on my haunches and caught my breath I was aware of noise from either side of me and the two lads that had held me captive  were now wanking furiously and both shot their loads over my shoulders and some even made  my face and chest.  Suddenly “reality alert” the school bell started to ring its “lesson change” tone. The bodies close to me hurriedly finished their shower and I stood up and quickly washed off the creamy spunk off my body, racing in to the changing room to get dried and dressed. No one said anything, just silence; it was as if everyone was frightened of what had happened. All I knew was that id tasted my first dick and wanted more, but where have they all gone?  I want more, now how do I get it………….

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