This is personal blog, created by myself and is composed with picture images freely available on the internet. no images on this site have been posted without free aquisition. I am reluctant to post video clips on this site as there are far too many video istes within clicking distance to make this one any more special than those, So I have decided not to use them, enabling me to concentrate on posting what i consider the most suitable legal pictures I can find. Like everyone else and no doubts a majority of visitors to my blog site a lot of the pictures you see here, you have already seen, but to find such a collections in one place saves you all from overloading your computer memory with saving images so to speak, when all you have to do is simply save the web address to your favoroite listings. The stories printed on this blog are all true and factual. My early sexual experiences are all brought back in to life on here. Ok so names have been changed to protect those people from years past, but hey, no doubts one of you may read them and remember back those gurde time we all had. I do and will print stories sent to me, providing I find them suitable and of legal content. Please dont be offended if you find certain words altered or changed, but this is done to protect both you the sender and me as the site administrator from publishing items that have to be legal in countries all over the world. remembering that the legal age of consent differs tremendously from country to country.   I will add pages as I see fit and may soon place a seperate story page, to both make things easier to find and also to seperate from the picture posts. the same goes for the poll page, its always orth a visit as your votes do count ! they help me to choose what to put online and when, so the blog remains interesting and worth the visit!   Gregg. XX
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